Election party: Jacinda lollies, strong 'covfefe'

The national triennial bun-fight is upon us, with parties being thrown in homes across the country as the votes are counted. But how do you avoid political arguments and other potential vibe-killers on the night? Keep it lighthearted and inclusive, our party planners say.


Auckland criminal barrister Emma Priest throws a big celebration every election at her Mt Eden home, inspired by a gathering of her friend's parents. Each political party is allocated a different room decorated with hoardings and streamers in the appropriate colours, family photos in the hall are replaced with pictures of politicians and piñatas of the leaders' faces are strung up.

"It usually takes about a week to set up, but it's months in the planning," she says. "This year my dad has had a life-sized cutout of Donald Trump shipped over from New York, at great expense." She says mixing American politics in takes the controversy out of the night and keeps things lighthearted. "One couple is coming as Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump, and they've promised to make out."