'Ghost unit' failed in earlier kidnapping attempt of Jindarat Prutsiriporn, Crown says

A group of people accused of kidnapping a Thai woman before she leaped to her death from a moving car called themselves 'ghost unit' and tried to kidnap her once before, court documents reveal. 

Six people have denied Jindarat Prutsiriporn's manslaughter and five others have denied kidnapping her and will stand trial in May next year. 

Prutsiriporn is alleged to have been kidnapped by the group of 11 and died after leaping from a moving car. 

She suffered head injuries and died in hospital. 

One of the kidnapping accused, a mother, is fighting to keep her name secret until the end of the trial.

Court documents in relation to her failed name suppression bid revealed more of the Crown case against the group, including the allegation they failed in an earlier kidnapping attempt of Prutsiriporn. 

At a High Court hearing in August the woman applied for interim name suppression, arguing that she would suffer extreme hardship to her mental and physical health, her employment, finances, and to her children if her name was published. 

Her lawyer Emma Priest said that due to suffering rheumatic fever as a child the woman was at risk of "heart rhythm disturbances" if extremely stressed. 

She was in the early stages of a new job and feared she wouldn't be able to gain more work if her name was published in connection to the offending. 

The only woman to be charged in relation to the alleged offending, Priest said the woman's part in the alleged kidnapping was "minor". 

The judge denied her name suppression, however the matter is under appeal and therefore her identity is still secret. 

The court heard from the Crown that the co-accused were allegedly friends or associates who called themselves 'ghost unit'. 

The woman and the other defendants are alleged to have gone to Prutsiriporn's home on February 15 this year with the alleged intention of kidnapping her, "but were unable to locate her," according to the name suppression ruling. 

According to the ruling, the Crown alleged that residents on Prutsiriporn's street called police after seeing two carload's of people "acting suspiciously".

On arrival police were allegedly told by the defendants that they were bouncers and waiting for their shift to change over. 

It's then alleged that two weeks later, on February 29, the accused again went to Prutsiriporn's home.

They found her outside in a car with an associate, who was allegedly there to buy drugs from her. 

The accused are then alleged to have opened the doors of the car and dragged her out.  

It's then alleged by the Crown that the group gagged and bound her and put her in the boot. 

On March 1 she escaped from the boot of the car at an intersection in the Auckland suburb of Papatoetoe. She suffered head injuries and died in hospital without regaining consciousness.

The 11 accused have denied the charges and will go on trial at the High Court at Auckland next year.